the Joseph Rashid Collection


Welcome to the Joseph Rashid Collection website


This website is dedicated to the life and collection of instruments of American luthier Joseph Rashid.  

The Rashid Collection represents one of the most unique and complete collections of American violins from the hand of a single maker known to exist.   In an effort to master his craft, Mr. Rashid`s entire output of instruments remained intact as a complete body of work.  This collection represents a lifetime of skill and knowledge that will never again be duplicated.

The Rashid Family's goal is to allow these wonderful of instruments to sing.   Collectively, the Rashids have graciously made a number of these instruments available via a loan program, providing  professional, conservatory, and gifted musicians access to concert quality instruments.   

The collection is administered by the director of the Rashid Collection loan program, Mr. Kevin Bennett.   Bennett is the owner of Cupertino Strings, a bay area violin shop and distributor of string related products.  Mr. Rashid and Mr. Bennett were inseparable companions, spending years sharing and exploring their mutual passion for violin making.  Mr. Rashid shared many of his violin making concepts and discoveries freely.  Mr. Bennett is honored to be able to help promote the work of this great American luthier, teacher, and dear friend.

Please contact Mr. Bennett at with any questions you may have.   You are invited to join our mailing list to keep current with the lastest news and happenings relating to the Rashid Collection.